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The Civil Centre for Peace Justice and Development (C.C.P.J.D) works for the less privileged in the society, rendering humanitarian services to continue the work initiated by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) by contributing and rendering humanitarian aid, legal Aid, and support read more


Our mission is to promote humanitarian activities and development, end violence in communities and support the cause for the protection of human rights, dispensation of justice, cultivation of the culture...read more


‘To promote sustainable peace, justice and development by re-orienting humanity for positive thinking as to offer lasting solution to sustainable socio-economic difficulties in our nation and the world at...read more


To restore the dignity and equity precept of all humans through advocacy, To educate the youth and the elderly in democratic process and create a sustainable economy, To promote peace in communities through advocacy...read more


To give a voice to the voiceless, To organize civic education and human rights empowerment programs, To re-orient the youths for peace and provide an enabling environment for good governance and...read more

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Where We Work

The Civil Centre for Peace Justice and Development’s work focuses on the development problems of poorer rural and ethnic minorities; with special focus on the Niger Delta States of Nigeria, giving access to Justice through legal aids to end impunity, Preserving economic and social cultural rights, Protection of human rights, Promotion of nonviolent efforts to protect Women Human Rights, and the prospects and opportunities for peaceful development in the South South region of Nigeria.

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Organizational Structure

Ten (10)member Board of Trustees, Seventy One (71) member General Assembly, Executive Director, Programs Director, Programs Manager, Centre Heads, Program Officers, M&E Officer, Finance Officer. The organization is divided into Three major centres namely:- PEACE, JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE.

Abuja Office,
Lagos Office,
Delta Office,
Port Harcourt Office.


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