About C.C.P.J.D.

The Civil Centre for Peace, Justice, and Development (C.C.P.J.D.) is a nongovernmental organization registered under the companies and allied matters act. CCPJD was constituted in 2006 and registered in 2012 as a result of the suffering of the indigenous people whom the injustice of man to man has shut them out of their peaceful coexistence and rendered them and their communities underdeveloped. CCPJD works for women and the girl child, and the less privileged in the society, rendering humanitarian services to continue the work initiated by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) by contributing and rendering humanitarian aid, legal Aid, and support to human development, social-economic and societal growth.The World Health Organization (WHO,)The African Charter for Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR), The ICPF (International Commission on Peace and Food) The Convention for the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW),The Convention Against Violence Against Women and the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.(UNDHR), The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

ccpjd vision

Vision Statement

‘To promote sustainable peace, justice and development by re-orienting humanity for positive thinking as to offer lasting solution to sustainable socio-economic difficulties in our nation and the world at large’.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote humanitarian activities and development, end violence in communities and support the cause for the protection of human rights, dispensation of justice, cultivation of the culture of tolerance and democracy as well as enthronement of peace through a holistic empowerment approach of rebuilding leadership for rapid Socio-Economic growth, Human Capital Development, Conducive Political atmosphere and Sustainable Development amidst peace and unity.

Our Focus

1. To give a voice to the voiceless

2. To organize civic education and human rights empowerment programs

3. To re-orient the youths for peace and provide an enabling environment for good governance and sustainable democracy

4. To build a just, peaceful and developed society

5. Support the less privileged in the society

Our Values

1. Accountability

2. Transparency

3. Commitment to Good Governance

4. Justice, Peace and Development

5. Humanitarian service

Our Objectives

1. To restore the dignity and equity precept of all humans through advocacy

2. To educate the youth and the elderly in democratic process and create a sustainable economy

3. To promote peace in communities through advocacy

4. To render humanitarian services, and protect preserve human rights

5. To develop economic, cultural and social rights of youths, women and children

6. To give reliefs to the poor

7. Wider networks of advocates of human rights and nonviolence

8. To encourage development in rural communities

9. Capacity building for rural dwellers

10. To train the youths on the relevant skills that will help them to be self employed

11. To empower the rural dwellers to be useful to themselves and the community at large

12. To support programs that is aimed at alleviating poverty in the rural communities

13. To encourage the youths to embrace rural development

14. To create opportunities for self-reliance.

15. To Support through care and provision of materials.

16. Promote good governance via concerted community efforts and government involvement.

17. To promote ethical and moral standards in the society

18. To promote transparency and accountability in public offices.

Organizational Structure

Ten (10)member Board of Trustees, Seventy-One (71) member General Assembly, Executive Director, Programs Director, Programs Manager, Centre Heads, Program Officers, M&E Officer, Finance Officer. The organization is divided into Three major centres namely:- PEACE, JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE .


Our peace and conflict resolution centre facilitates change that promotes condition for sustainable peace, introducing a culture of read more


Our Justice Centre is saddled with the promotion, protection and preservation of Human Rights, Minority Rights, Indigenous read more


CCPJD has a centre for development to facilitate change that promotes condition for sustainable development especially women read more

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Port Harcourt Office.


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