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Justice Centre

Our Justice Centre is saddled with the promotion, protection and preservation of Human Rights, Minority Rights, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Sexual Righs, Women’s Human Rights and the Rights of the Child. Here we have the Human Rights Department with sub units comprising Minority Rights, Indigenous Peoples Rights and Child Rights for promoting and protecting Human Rights, combating impunity and strengthening accountability.

Combating impunity is essential to the restoration or preservation of the rule of law. Conflict drivers are often related to chronic impunity and lack of accountability. Moreover, terrorism continues to fester where conflicts are endemic and where human rights, including economic, social and cultural rights, are not protected and impunity prevails. Law enforcement and criminal justice responses to terrorism in violation of human rights have proved to be counter-productive.

Absence of the rule of law leads to violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, and causes oppressive rule and conflict. CCPJD is committed to promoting the rule of law, as well as the interlinked nature of the rule of law and human rights, by adopting the Declaration on the Rule of Law at the National and International Levels. CCPJD is further committed to ensuring accountability for crimes and other gross violations of human rights and supporting the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms.

Sustained efforts is required to build fair and effective administration of justice systems which are based on international norms and standards and uphold the rule of law and protection of all rights, including economic, social and cultural rights. These systems must be made accessible to all, including women and girls.

Under our Justice centre we have the following department;

  • Access to justice department
  • CCPJD’s Women’s department

    Rights are meaningless without the means to seek redress for their breach. We argue that access to justice is a fundamental right in itself – and we work to ensure that our courts and legal procedures are open to everyone, regardless of their wealth or circumstances. Where it is difficult for citizens to have access to state owned judicial establishments, this department intervenes and provides lawyers to render legal aid on pro-bono basis to facilitate access to justice for deprived/underprivileged individuals especially women and children. In carrying out this function, this department seeks for alternative means of reaching justice other than going to court all the time – arbitrary matters, soliciting, mediating and relying mostly on alternative dispute resolution strategies.

    To this end CCPJD is conducting human rights training of Paralegals and security forces in Nigeria. A sound understanding of human rights standards among law enforcement officials is essential for access to justice and in particular rights holders such as youth and women, will increasingly advocate and claim their rights; and protect themselves more effectively from human rights abuses.


    We also have the Women’s Human Rights Department in our Justice centre for promoting equality and elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and the girl child.

    CCPJD supports activities on Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAW/G) to achieve the goal of zero-tolerant culture against VAW/G in Nigeria with paradigm focus to advance human rights/rule of law promotion;

    This department creates awareness on gender related issues, democracy and good governance through sensitization and enlightenment programmes using multi-media approach. The department provides appropriate information and education it also networks with Civil Society Organisations nationally and internationally to share information and experience in the area of democracy, good governance, and gender human rights. It achieves this purpose through organising and/or attending seminars, lectures, workshops, symposia, conferences etc. across the country.

    The aim of creating awareness and sensitizing the people, particularly Women, and girls on their rights and other related issues is to bring to the fore the realization that it is time their fundamental rights are not robbed off in the name of tradition. It is also to raise the interest of the people (particularly women to participate in democratic governance.. Women are also enlightened on their rights and responsibilities in the entire electoral process thus empowering and effectively mobilizing them to participate in Civic activities.

    There are a lot of practices and policies put in place that are not favourable to women such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriages. These practices can be abolished and replaced with favourable policies and practices when women are adequately empowered to participate in civic activities where they will be exposed to decision-making opportunities.

    One of the core objectives of CCPJD is the elimination of all forms of discrimination, violence, and marginalization against women, promoting Non-discrimination and equality which are essential elements of human dignity. Enhancing the fundamental premise of equal respect for all persons and freedom from discrimination on all grounds. In Nigeria, especially in the Niger Delta South South however, people continue to be excluded, marginalized, distinguished and restricted in the exercise of their rights based on grounds of ethnic or social origin, language, race, sex, religion, political or other opinion, descent, birth, caste, age, disability, health status, migration status, sexual orientation or gender identity. The burden is even greater for those who experience multiple forms of discrimination. Due to the passion CCPJD has for equality, social inclusion and Human Rights; We have worked with various non state actors like the International Federation for Women Lawyers (FIDA), Civil Liberty Organization (CLO), African Women Lawyers Association (AWLA) Rivers State where we supported activities against gender discrimination, Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention sexual violence, campaigned against violence against women, child abuse, promoted minority and indigenous peoples rights, rights to sexual orientation and other women issues were we demonstrated strong commitment to women human rights with a global feminist perspective; we have litigated on various rape cases in court such as the renowed case of Bori Polytechnic Lecturer / Female student rape case, at Ogoni investigations and prosecutions, handled students unrest, militancy, and youth disturbance, negotiation and peace building; we represented West Africa, Nigeria and the Itsekiri ethnic minorities of Delta state at the at the 8th forum on minority issues at the United Nations Headquarters Geneva Switzaland in 2015 where we presented the case of Nigeria and Itsekiri people of Delta State in a 2 day (24th and 25th December 2015) Organized by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Please see UN Live United Nations Web TV – exercise of police powers ...then cliq again UN Live United Nations Web TV – exercise of police powers ... see list of speakers we are number 18 on the list of speakers. Plz Cliq link.

    Also see: UN Live United Nations Web TV - Addressing the root causes of ...then cliq again UN Live United Nations Web TV - Addressing the root causes of ... we are number 27 on the list of speakers. Plz Cliq link.

    CCPJD also stared in a violence against women campaign on air Nigeria Television Authourity in 2012. Please see video in our Blog.

    This department also conducts advocacies, trainings, workshops and creates awareness on gender related issues capacity-building and training tools for relevant stakeholders. CCPJD also engage inHuman rights Media advocacy – RSTV, AIT and Cool FM, Port-Harcourt, we have anchored a human rights program on Nigeria Info Radio Station – Constitution 101

    Port-Harcourt FM Radio Station – ‘How Una Seam’ and other talk shows NTA, AIT, RSTV.
    CCPJD is actively engaged in Early warning in collaboration with other CSOs especially with regards to electoral violence and violence against women (VAW) issues where most of our data collectors are survivors.
    CCPJD’s Women’s department works in conjunction with other departments in the Centre.

    Unemployment In Nigeria

    Areas of Specialization

    • Human Rights
    • Criminal justice
    • Minority Rights
    • Sexual Rights
    • Access to justice
    • International conventions
    • The rule of law
    • Legislative Advocacy
    • Women and child’s right

    Abuja Office,
    Lagos Office,
    Delta Office,
    Port Harcourt Office.


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